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About Us

  Mammoth International Group is a well-established and dynamic company group, including factories, production facilities, deep processing factories, trading, and sales.  It has established itself with deep-rooted market knowledge and is secure in the marketplace with registered capital of 50 million RMB.  Because of the group’s far-ranging base and extensive experience in a variety of industries, Mammoth can offer a wide range of products including steel products such as steel coil, steel pipe, angle steel, rebar, or any other steel product, construction material, iron ore, hardware, mechanical equipment, spare parts, electrical products, ceramics, tiles, paper products, plastic articles, textiles, consumer goods, art and glassware, and food products.

  Mammoth has an extensive and comprehensive commodity information network which enables us to be a first-tier exclusive agent in China for a variety of companies in China and around the world.  Mammoth has a history of forming stable and long-lasting relationships with our business partners, which has enabled us to grow our imports and exports to $30 million USD.  Mammoth’s international team of dedicated and experienced professionals not only offers our clients and partners a variety of products and logistics solutions, but also goes to enviable lengths to work with our customers to solve any issue which may arise during the course of our relationship.  This includes working through the complexities of import and export for overseas customers including but not limited to: exploring the Chinese market, product sourcing, goods inspection, locating and obtaining 3rd party certification, declaration, docking and ship booking, and more.

  Our company mantra, “Guaranteeing the quality of our products, and providing the best service,” has enabled us to achieve the remarkable with the win-win attitude of all of our team members. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and commitment to only the best.  We truly believe that partnerships based on trust and friendship with a long-term outlook have a much better chance to be mutually beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved.  We look forward to working with you and cooperating towards a positive future.